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Bachelorette Party
Dance classes

Forget about performance, let’s have fun!

Learn a tailor-made choreography

Our experienced teachers will make you feel comfortable regardless of your dancing level so you can spend an amazing time with the future bride.

This private dance class will bring you all the fun you are looking for while teaching you an outstanding routine.

Simple bachelorette party routine to discover dancing

Bachelorette party routine with sophisticated steps

Bachelorette party routine with sophisticated steps and elaborate staging

The group can include from 5 to 15 people and the price ranges from 20 to 40 € each, depending on the offer you select and the number of participants.  

The Baila Baila plus? The class is free for the bride-to-be!

How to book ?

Send us a request mentioning the number of participants, the dancing style you would like and the offer you selected. Based on this information, we will send you a quote and your teacher will prepare a personalized routine.

If you have any question regarding the details of the class, the studio, the outfit to bring or our offers, please check the FAQ.