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Dancing styles

Bachelorette party Barcelona

Beyoncé or Shakira?
Salsa or Cabaret?

Baila Baila invites you to choose from different dancing styles the one that will suit your group and the future bride the most, depending on her personality and musical preferences.

Check it out!

Modern jazz

Very popular in France, modern jazz was born from a mix between African and European cultures. Most people usually feel comfortable with this dancing style.


This style involves sensual dancing movements performed with high heels in an uninhibited atmosphere.

Oriental dance

Graceful and elegant, oriental dance is mainly about undulating belly, hips and arms for a sensual and exotic result.


The swirling rhythms of Bollywood dance are typical of Indian musicals. This genre is ideal for creating original routines.


Popular throughout the world, salsa is a typically Latino dance. Ideal if you want to dance to a lively and joyful tempo.


Originally from Andalusia, flamenco gives a typically Spanish touch to your choreography. ¡Olé!


Hip hop, reggaeton, twerk, dancehall, street jazz…Urban dances inspire trendy hot routines. Perfect if you wish to include creative, dynamic and sensual moves to your choreography.


A swing fan?  Frenzied rhythms, influenced by Charleston, Lindy Hop or even Madison styles, will give an irresistible retro touch to your performance.


Feel the Saturday night fever and prepare a John Travolta-style choreography in a disco ball atmosphere!


Inspired by European folk music, country dancing is practiced in groups of 4, 6, 8 or more. The steps are predefined but still leave room for creativity and fun.


Do you dream of a glamorous and extravagant show? The cabaret style borrows the codes of sexy “showgirls” in boas and stilettos for a fun and vulgar-free choreography, inspired by burlesque stripping.


Stripping is inspired by cabaret dances, feminine and sexy. It’s similar to a striptease, without the trash side. This style is generally practiced between girls. It is recommended for a fun bachelor party.

More styles

You have not found the style you were looking for in this list? Send us your request, we surely know the person who will teach you what you want: Samba, Bachata, Samba, House Dance, Electro, Rock, Tap, Waacking, Cancan, Cumbia… and many others!


Pick your offer

Now that you have selected your style, discover the Baila Baila offers for your bachelorette party dance class !